Founded in 2010, Crumbs and Cakes is a tiny wholesale baking operation in Seattle, founded by a Social Worker of 8 years turned baker. The  West African and Spanish roots of its inventor- lends to the diversity of our product line. The bold yet obvious ways of integrating new flavors is exciting and extremely tasty. The down home spirit and respect for good food synergies to produce some of the finest baked goods on the market-that continues to shock and satisfy the wide range of savvy-sweet toothed citizens around Seattle. Crumbs and Cakes produces premium Cupcakes-with flavors like Cap N’ Crunch,Tres Leches and Thai Ice Tea, Cakebites (exclusive), Artisan breads and more! These sweets are unpretentious yet can compete with the best of them… Our flavors lend a new perspective on trendy eats. Crumbs and Cakes commitment to stay small and sustainable, gives everyone a unique opportunity to taste the passion and attention given to everything that our bakers create.

Check out our menu page to spot what flavors are emerging. If something looks good to you it can be ordered through our blog! For those who don’t live in the Seattle area we will begin shipping soon, check back with us for any updates.



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